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The Mainstreem will contribute to our newly weds, and betrothed subscribers up to 5k toward their travels, or marriage. All you have to do is submit a video to our Youtube channel, and say, "Thank You, travel with The Mainstreem" and say your salutations, we are "Mr.&Mrs", and add your date you got married, or planning to . We will let the community vote on each couple. The couple with the most votes every 90 days will be the beneficiary of this magnificent contribution. Voting goes on for 3 months(every 90 days). Have to be a subscriber to participate.

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Basically as the loving couple that you are you can get in on the jubilation by giving a quick introduction, and shouting out "Save The Date" on The Mainstreem platform. That's it!

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Absolutely, staying engaged on the platform with an active subscription grants you the opportunity to resubmit your video for consideration in the upcoming contest cycle.