Metaverse Headquarters

Welcome To The Mainstreem Metaverse Beta Page! Here You'll Be Able To Read Updates, & Access The Metaverse First During Our Alpha Launch Stage!
Yuga x Mainstreem Labs Have Combined To Create The Only Leading-Class Interactive Metaverse To Support Content Creators, Artists, Influencers, & Authors!
Beta Console Launch
Alpha Console Launch
Official Land Sale!

Dropping TBD

Official Land Sale Coming Soon!

Inside the Mainstream Metaverse, you'll be able to earn, stake, play, and build with people from around the world, creating an open and fair economy i jsupported by our token and building on the mission of assisting content creators via blockchan technology.
Here, you'll be able to mint parcels of land within the Mainstreem Metaverse. Starting at 1x1, all the way up to 10x10 parcels.

With customizable land, and integrated assets, we are focused on helping creators earn, & share in the first decentralized, self-custodial mediaverse!
1 Square = 5 Parcels
0.Eth- 0.85Eth Per 5 Acres
Green Beacons


Blue Beacons


... Veshan
... Yelling Flatlands
... Savage Flats
... The Silent Emptiness
... Violent Badlands
... The Red Flats
... La Toundra Désolée
... Les Frontières Perfides
... Clautinica
... Le Col des Champions
... Pass of Justice
... Coalwell Mountain Path
... Paso De Maladad
... Dead Canyon
The Mainstream Lands will soon be accessible on this platform. In the meantime, you have the opportunity to gather them here for a limited period.