Mental Health Awareness Check Up From The Neck Up

Antonio Journie


Mental Awareness Check Up From The Neck Up is a comprehensive guide that delves into the crucial topic of mental health within the fast-paced, high-pressure world of show business. Drawing on real-life experiences of industry professionals, the book provides insights into the unique challenges faced by actors, musicians, writers, and other creatives, and offers practical strategies for maintaining mental well-being. With a focus on destigmatizing mental health issues and promoting a culture of self-care, " Mental Awareness Check Up From The Neck Up " explores topics such as stress management, mindfulness, therapy, and the importance of building a support system. From navigating the ups and downs of a volatile career to coping with rejection and managing the demands of social media, this book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to thrive in the entertainment industry while also prioritizing their mental health.

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