My Life Award


The late nights slaving over an open laptop screen instead of hanging out with friends… you sacrificed. The full days mapping out a killer marketing strategy that resulted in an empty chair at your son’s youth soccer game… you made a choice for the future. The weeks of stress and anguish so you could scale your business to heights you never knew were possible a year ago… you overcame that stress. The money didn’t come barreling in right away – it required perseverance without reward…. you were patient. The opportunity presented itself and… You TOOK IT.

The My Life award was developed with one thing in mind. To honor the sacrifices, the determination, and the newly forged path of success for brands- you the content developer that has endured, never gave up, and came out on top. The My Life award is more than just the past and present of a brand, but every single moment in between. The My Life award is looking to the future, and for more of the inspired triumph that is to come.

It requires so much of yourself to start, maintain, and scale a business that helps others achieve their dreams, and in return… you achieve yours. It takes mountains of blood, sweat, and tears to boost your customers to new heights, and your business too. The sheer amount of money and time spent to grow your thriving business does not go unnoticed so we’d like to present the esteemed My Life award to a business that has done just that.

This enterprise has mastered and created an interactive platform that aims to help its customers grow their own financial freedom through innovative methods including social, creative, and entertaining strategies. Everything from their customer’s first step into the Metaverse and an inventive social platform to NFTs and creative video production – it’s all encompassed in the entrepreneurial masterpiece of our awardee.

For the days, months, and years of pure sacrifice that lead to the days, months, and years of future success, we present this esteemed My Life award, brought to you by Society Awards, to… The Mainstreem

Congratulations to every content developer, founding entrepreneur, partner, and team who worked tirelessly to make other people’s dreams a reality. Your entire being… your life’s every moment was (and probably still is) wrapped up in service to others – it’s extremely commendable and we lift you today to praise your efforts among your colleagues. You’ve made some life-long fans and we are proud and excited to watch The Mainstreem dive even further into the pool of success.

Again, Congratulations on the receipt of the My Life award. Please know… It’s not just an award. It’s your life. It’s My Life.

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The Mainstreem My Life Award Book Designer

Chick Ciccarelli
Web Designer, WebWizards®
Creative Director, Chick Ciccarelli Agency
Senior Art Director, LSHOF
U.S. Representative,